101-point Safety Health Check

Your journey to a safer workplace with reduced incidents starts with a 101-point Safety Health Check:

  • A legally compliant workplace
  • Reduced risk of injury and lost productivity
  • A clear understanding of the organisation’s WHS System gaps
  • An action plan and recommendations for ongoing improvement

As a business owner (and an Officer of a PCBU under the work health and safety legislation) you will no doubt be aware that you have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace and safe systems of work not only to your staff, but also to contractors and visitors.

You may also be aware that a breach of your duty as an Officer of your business carries with it hefty fines of up to $3M and criminal penalties, including imprisonment.

If you are unsure that you are meeting your obligations, our 101-point Safety Health Check is a good place to start.

Our safety consultant will attend your site and work with you to undertake a thorough review of your workplace operations and provide you with a gap analysis, with a focus on your business’ unique safety risks.

The 101-point Safety Health Check covers the key requirements under the work health safety legislation and regulations including but not limited to roles and responsibilities, plant safety, emergency preparedness, risk management, hazard reporting, incident investigation and reporting and contractor management.

Our consultant will discuss with you the findings of the 101-point Safety Health Check and provide you with a report of your business’ WHS safety gaps along with an action plan and recommendations for improvement.

To find out more how you can make you workplace safer and compliant, please get in touch.

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