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Start your journey with PeopleVision by choosing the pathway that best suits your needs

101-point Safety Check

Rest easy with a review of your Work Health and Safety practices. The 101 point Safety Health Check will identify areas requiring your attention to make your business compliant, reduce risk and provide easy to implement recommendations.

Full workplace health check

Have peace of mind with a full workplace health check of your Work Health and Safety, Injury Management and workforce management practices. Gain greater understanding of your workplace risks and solutions for how to fix these to help you achieve organisational effectiveness.

Self insurance feasibility and compliance

Whether you are seeking to become self-insured or have already achieved it, we assist your business achieve and maintain high level WHS and injury management performance in line with your strategic objectives.

PeopleVision’s expertise in work health and safety, workers compensation and employment services, makes our team the right choice for practical solutions for your workplace needs. Contact us today to discuss your safety check, health check or compliance audit. We specialise in tailored results that help you sleep easy at night.

PeopleVision explained my rights and responsibilities in a way I could actually understand!