About Us

People are our Vision

We genuinely care about our clients’ success. 

Our Vision is to revolutionise the landscape of how Australian businesses manage their greatest asset, their People.

We provide solutions that allow our clients to get on with what they do best – running their business and achieve their goals.

Who we are

PeopleVision provides customised workplace solutions to Australian businesses both large and small.

By combining highly skilled individual consultants with a holistic, multi-disciplined team approach, PeopleVision delivers exceptional value to its customers, becoming a partner in their success.

Founded in 2009, PeopleVision is a privately-owned company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia.

From the beginning, the owners of PeopleVision recognised an opportunity to create a new approach to workplace management solutions.

PeopleVision’s unique onsite/offsite model represents the best of both worlds, providing onsite experts to develop one-on-one relationships, backed by a multi-disciplined team, resources and capabilities.

This unique model has allowed PeopleVision to become leaders in the field of Human Resources, Safety and Injury Management services, crafting customised, effective solutions for each and every customer.

What we do

We partner with businesses to advise, guide, support and implement an end-to-end people management solution across human resources, safety and injury management.

We combine workplace industry expertise with technology to deliver tailored, practical and efficient services to help organisations be the best they can be.

Who we work with

We work with progressive organisations who are forward-thinking and recognise the need for best practice in all areas of people management: Human Resources, Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being, and Injury Management.

They understand the importance of getting their people-related challenges right, and the tangible benefits to be gained by achieving a productive, compliant and sustainable workplace.

Our clients value their people, and they know that to achieve their business objectives they need to access the right expertise and day to day support that they can trust and rely on.

Our Professional Memberships
Who We Support

Our Team

Gina Nardone

As founder of PeopleVision, Gina oversees a team of professionals dedicated to the growth and well-being of a diverse range of business clients, across a broad range of industries. 

The vision that lead to the formation of PeopleVision back in 2009, is still very much the guiding light for Gina and the team. 

That vision involves a unique solution to workplace management challenges, based on a client-centric model that combines;

  • The benefits of partnering with industry experts
  • A flexible, customized approach to approaching workplace management issues
  • The development of effective systems using the latest in technology
  • Onsite team partners backed up by an offsite team of multi-disciplined experts 
  • A genuine devotion to client outcomes and success

Gina takes great pride in the fact that this model has led to the success of both PeopleVision and its clients, the two outcomes being intertwined. 

On a personal level, with a successful track record now exceeding 25 years, Gina’s clients benefit from her knowledge, experience and expertise in injury management, work health safety, and workplace conflict resolution.

Gina has worked as a lawyer, held senior roles with a claims agent insurer, and has for many years provided specialist consulting services to self-insured employers.  She  has a comprehensive understanding of what business models and strategies will achieve the best outcomes for both employers and their employees.  

As part of the PeopleVision consultancy team, Gina helps clients to achieve their strategic and business goals, by establishing and maintaining effective WHS and Injury Management systems.

Of particular focus is the development of systems that assist employers maintain legal and regulatory compliance with Injury Management and Work Health and Safety obligations. 

Having extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution, Gina is appointed as a Commissioner of the SA Employment Tribunal. Outside of the Tribunal Gina is engaged privately as a Workplace Mediator assisting workplace participants to resolve conflicts.  

If you would like to talk to Gina about how PeopleVision can help your business, call her today via the contact details above. 


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Admitted Legal Practitioner Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice
  • Lead Auditor (OHSMS)
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS).

Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Insurance
  • Workplace Mediation and Dispute Resolution
  • Injury & Claims Management
  • WHS and Injury Management Auditing
  • WH&S Strategy & Planning
  • WH&S System Development
  • Donesafe Compliance Management System Configuration
  • Performance Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Project Management. 
Justine Pepper

Having commenced her career working for large corporates, Justine found her true passion lay in helping small to medium businesses.

In working with SME’s, Justine could see how they were lacking access to the latest in HR practices, resources, and technology, and therefore the many benefits they afforded.

Justine set about rectifying this situation by researching, creating, and marketing, bundled, affordable HR Service packages, that offered big business-like solutions, tailored to meet small business needs.

Innovation is a key driving force behind Justine’s work with small businesses, helping to ensure that they keep abreast with the latest technological advances, in areas such as HR, payroll and recruitment.

Justine firmly believes that innovation and technology in HR Management, not only empowers both employer and employee, but also enables more effective delivery of customer/ client services and products.

With Justine on your side, you have access to a relentless problem solver, determined to provide the ideal solution, no matter how complex the challenge.

Much of Justine’s business has come from referrals, where delighted clients speak highly of her personal approach, commercial understanding and determination to achieve tangible results for her clients.

You owe it to your business to speak to Justine today.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in HRM/Industrial Relations
  • Diploma in Property.

Areas of Expertise

  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Development
  • HR & Payroll Systems Development
  • Developing and implementing an organisation’s HR framework
  • Investigating and resolving Industrial Relation Matters
  • HR and Payroll Technology
  • Improving Workplace Culture.
Tori Phoenix

Tori’s clients benefit from her broad range of experience in areas such as workers compensation, work health & safety, claims management and return to work coordination.

With outstanding communication skills and an overriding desire to create safer, healthier and happier workplaces, Tori is able to successfully unite both businesses and injured workers.

Tori is particularly passionate about a strategic approach in developing and implementing mental health & wellbeing programs in organisations.

The positive impact these programs can have on workplace culture and the resultant increases in worker safety and productivity, help businesses and employees alike.

These win-win situations serve as fuel for Tori’s energetic, upbeat and positively infectious approach to her work, endearing her to her long list of loyal clients.

With the knowledge and experience to not only provide sound advice, but also help businesses implement the strategies recommended, Tori a much valued and trusted resource.

The implementation of tailored Donesafe management systems on behalf of multiple clients, replacing traditional paper systems, is a perfect example of the positive transformations Tori has created in her role at PeopleVision.

The reassurance of knowing that Tori has their back, means that clients consider Tori to be a trusted confidant and go to person for all work, health and safety matters.

It’s this earned trust that Tori holds most precious as the ultimate reward for hard work.


  • Cert IV Work Health & Safety
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • Diploma Personal Injury Management
  • Certification Return to Work Coordinator.

Areas of Expertise

  • Development of Injury Management Systems
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • Claims & Injury Management
  • Work Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Implementation of custom Donesafe system.
Cindy Barnes

It would be very hard to find a person more passionate about helping businesses build and maintain their safety management systems, than Cindy.

To Cindy, workplace safety is not just about complying with legislative requirements, it’s also about helping to protect a business’s most valuable asset, its people.

In working closely with clients to assess, understand and refine their safety systems, the health, safety and wellbeing of their teams can be significantly improved.

Most importantly, an organisational culture is developed that has caring for people at its core.

When employees feel part of such a culture, they feel a sense of pride in their workplace and a feeling that the business is heading in the right direction.

This in turn promotes confidence, and as any coach will tell you, confidence has a major impact on performance.Cindy’s greatest personal reward comes during follow up visits to a client’s business, where improved safety systems have been implemented and the positive difference becomes obvious.

However, such results only come from a close working relationship with clients based on trust. Cindy’s honest, pragmatic and collaborative approach, combined with a relaxed calming influence, is her recipe for building long term client relationships.

A reassuring sense of gaining control in what may be a time of great challenge, is one of the many benefits of working with Cindy.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Graduate Diploma OH&S Management
  • Company Directors Diploma
  • Cert. IV Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Lead Auditor (OHSMS).

Areas of Expertise

  • OH&S Management & Project Planning
  • Workplace & Process Management Systems
  • Safety Management Systems Development
  • Risk management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management 
  • Project Management
  • Donesafe Compliance Management System Configuration. 
Stef Krstevski

With a strong desire to provide businesses with a personalised, tailored approach to the development and delivery of injury management systems, Stefani was a perfect fit for PeopleVision.

Always just a phone call away, Stefani’s employers have learned to trust her knowledge and experience at all levels, when it comes to the best way to support their employees.

Business owners and management appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that, the right systems are in place for the protection and welfare of both business and employee.

Employees returning to work from injury also enjoy the genuine, positive and caring support they receive from Stefani. She strongly supports functional rehabilitation and being “one step ahead” through injury prevention and early intervention.

By working closely and effectively with both business management and their returning employees, Stefani helps to create a positive, safe and productive workplace environment.

This would explain the long- term relationships Stefani has built over the years with multiple businesses across many different industries.

Stefani has built an enviable reputation thanks to her in-depth and up to date knowledge in RTW Acts, Industrial Awards, Government Agencies and legal trends.

Stefani’s motto “I will find a way to make it work” is indicative of her personal drive and positive attitude.

Her infectious energy shines in all she does, whether it’s training new or existing case managers or helping workers and their families deal with complex psychological trauma, in order to regain control and quality of life.


  • Return to Work Coordinator Certificate
  • Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management
  • Diploma of Arts- Marketing and Communication
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

Areas of Expertise

  • Injury management systems development & implementation
  • Claims and injury management
  • Return to Work Coordination
  • Staff training / upskilling
  • Medical reporting and documentation
  • Return to work plans
  • Psychological and complex trauma.
Natalie Brooks

As a Senior Consultant at PeopleVision, Natalie is well placed to share her 17 plus years of expertise and experience in H&S.

Driven by an overriding desire to keep people safe in their workplace, Natalie has achieved outstanding results for employers and their employees, in a diverse range of industries such as Aged Care, Community Services, Automotive, Wine and Hospitality.

Results have included a successful self-insurance evaluation on a business’s first attempt (a rare event), as well as successful health and safety evaluations/audits, including for one employer, a State safety award.

Natalie’s biggest impact on organisations however, has been her ability to engage with employees at all levels and impart a greater understanding and adoption of behaviours that create a safer workplace.

Her friendly and caring approach to working with people enables Natalie to fully assess the unique set of circumstances that apply to each business and work environment.

Whether it’s offices, warehouses, cellar doors, gaming rooms, restaurants or vineyards, Natalie has the drive and ability to design and successfully implement H&S systems that result in a safer and happier workplace environment.

Employers appreciate Natalie’s caring and empathetic approach to their specific needs, describing her as friendly, energetic, approachable and fun to work with.

Natalie’s passion and drive comes from her genuine desire to make a difference to people’s lives at work.

With Natalie as your workplace partner, you’ll learn that creating a safer more compliant workplace, can actually be an enjoyable process.

Take that all important first step towards a safer workplace by giving Natalie a call today.


  • Graduate Diploma in OHS Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Logistics
  • WorkCover Liability Management
  • Internal Auditor
  • Return to Work Coordinator (accredited training).

Areas of Expertise

  • H&S systems development & implementation
  • H&S training design and delivery
  • HS performance reporting
  • Continuous improvement systems
  • Risk assessments and audits
  • Self -insurance audits.
Mark Harris

Mark brings to PeopleVision and its clients, a wealth of risk and improvement experience from a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, engineering, energy, utilities and construction.

Having held senior positions in areas such as QHSE and Sustainability, in highly regulated industries, Mark is able to design and deliver strategic risk management and continuous improvement systems across wide-ranging and challenging roles.

A proven performer in driving change and process improvements across a broad range of projects, Mark is a great believer that organisational culture and values are foundational in achieving sustainable risk and safety excellence.

Mark credits his attention to detail, analytical ability and high levels of persistence for successfully embedding a risk-based approach to business planning and operations.

This, as well as genuine empathy and passion for team growth and development, has enabled Mark to create agile and accountable cultures.

Mark gets great personal satisfaction from helping businesses make the connection between their organisational strategy and their safety and environmental strategy, by providing line of sight through enterprise and operational risk management.

He describes himself as a quiet achiever who enjoys coaching and empowering others on the journey of continuous improvement.

With Mark on your side, you can have confidence in knowing that his approach is pragmatic and analytical, guided by facts and data, to enable informed decisions.

So, if you feel that you and your business could benefit from Mark’s experience and guiding hand in the area of risk and continuous improvement, give Mark a call today.


  • Bachelor of Environmental Management
  • Diploma in Work Health and Safety
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Risk Management
  • Lead Auditor AS/ISO45001 WHSMS
  • ICAM Lead Investigator Certificate
  • SA Return to Work Coordinator Certificate
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessing
  • Diploma of Mechanical Engineering.

Areas of Expertise

  • Risk and Improvement Leadership
  • Compliance Risk and Management Systems
  • Self-Insurance
  • Leading/coordinating significant incident investigations
  • Change and Process Management
  • Environmental and Quality Management Systems
  • Donesafe Implementation.
Michaella Prow

One of the key challenges businesses face is finding and hiring the right people for the job. And anyone who has had experience in this area knows that it’s not an easy task, and hiring the wrong person can be costly, both financially and for company morale.

Finding the right person for the job can also be costly time-wise, and time means money, which is why businesses need someone like Michaella to help them find the best people to fill a position, as quickly as possible.

Michaella’s extensive qualifications and experience in recruitment and people management, helps take the stress out of the recruitment process, for both employer and prospective employee.

Michaella believes that if managed correctly, the recruitment process should be an enjoyable and satisfying one, for all concerned.

One of the secrets to her success as a recruitment specialist, is Michaella’s experience and expertise in using EQ as a recruitment tool.

As Michaella will tell you, it’s not all about qualifications when it comes to assessing job applicants. EQ, when used by an experienced professional, can help recruiters gain deeper insights into the applicant’s suitability for a particular position.People who engage Michaella to assist them with their recruitment and people management programs, appreciate her friendly, approachable style and sense of fun.

This helps Michaella to achieve her goal of building long term business relationships based on mutual trust, respect and of course, results.

Nothing pleases Michaella more than seeing businesses enjoy success as a result of employing good people, and seeing those people thrive in their positions.


  • BA Hons. -Sociology
  • Post Graduate Diploma –Careers Guidance
  • Cert. 1V – Training & Development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Recruitment Specialist
  • HR Management
  • Systems Development & Implementation
  • Training Development & Implementation
  • EQ Specialist
  • Dare To Lead Trained
  • Six Second EQ Assessor Certification.
Georgia Harrison

Georgia has joined PeopleVision as a Senior HR Partner to further pursue her passion for optimising workforce design.

Through collaboration and consultation, her goal is to enable teams and organisations to perform at their highest potential.

Having worked in a range of industries from IT, Medical, Health, Aged Care, Financial Services, Professional Services and Insurance, Georgia has the knowledge and experience to provide timely practical people solutions for business owners.

Possessing exceptional business acumen Georgia has the ability to deliver herself, or empower others to achieve positive people outcomes, whilst meeting commercial realities.

Georgia understands that being a business owner or Senior Executive comes with a number of pressures, particularly in our current environment.

For Georgia, work satisfaction is achieved by relieving some of the daily stresses associated with HR, as well as the creation and implementation of a long-term vision for each client.

Georgia’s clients enjoy peace of mind in knowing they have access to professional advice and support, only a phone call away.

Also appealing to clients, is Georgia’s ability to listen intently, ask the right questions and provide next steps with confidence and clarity.

With a background in psychology, Georgia understands human behaviour intimately and takes an objective but empathetic approach to solving problems.

Georgia is also experienced in the design, facilitation and participation of several leadership programs and mentoring programs, adding further value to your business as your dedicated HR Partner.

She enjoys working for successful and innovative businesses, shaping new positions and seeing designs and strategy come to fruition.

So, if you’re are a business owner or manager who is invested in your people and can see the value of a true partnering approach to HR, then give Georgia a call today.


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science – Psychology
  • Hogan’s Profiling Advanced Accreditation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Generalist Human Resources and IT
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Program Facilitation
  • Team Building Training
  • 360/180 Feedback Facilitation
  • End to end management of best practice and employer of choice initiatives.
Harshini Elliott

Harshini joined PeopleVision as a Senior HR Business Partner to continue her love of helping people and businesses to grow.

Having worked in Education, Aged Care, Disability, Automotive and Early Learning, Harshini is able to draw upon her broad industry experience to help a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Equipped with outstanding people and communication skills, Harshini is easily able to connect with a wide variety of people at different levels in the organisation.

By doing so, Harshini is able to effectively manage every aspect of HR, from strategy to process design and implementation.

A big part of Harshini’s work involves coaching and training executives, leaders and middle management in every conceivable aspect of HR management.

She does so with honesty, respect and integrity and its these values, when combined outstanding knowledge and communication skills, that earn Harshini the trust she enjoys from her clients.

And it is trust that not only enables Harshini to do her job, but also results in the development of long term business partnerships.

Job satisfaction for Harshini is at its peak when she witnesses the stress relief for her clients when the pressures of day to day HR management are removed from their shoulders.

Harshni’s clients not only benefit from stress relief but are also able to focus more of their precious time on core business activity.

The business benefits are therefore two-fold, effective HR processes to increase compliance and productivity, as well as the execution of core business strategy.

With Harshini as your HR Business Partner, you’ll have someone in your corner that you can completely rely on to handle any challenge. In fact, her own words are “I love challenges and love being tested to bring out my strengths”.

Do you have a challenge for Harshini? If so, she would be delighted to hear from you today.


  • Master of Business Admin. (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Business and Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management.

Areas of Expertise

  • HR / Change Management
  • HR Internal Audits (Risk & Compliance)
  • Employment Law (Award Interpretation & Enterprise Agreements)
  • Recruiting & Team/Individual Development
  • Communication across all levels.

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