Mental health is the opposite of mental illness, isn’t it?

How much does this myth cost your business each year?

The two are closely related to each other but the absence of illness doesn’t necessarily mean health.

We all know that not having a cardiovascular illness doesn’t guarantee you have a healthy heart.

It’s the same with mental health.

The cost of ignoring mental health: What is it?

Mental health is a state of mental, social and physical wellbeing: It is being satisfied with your life. It is knowing who you are in this world, and being happy with that.

But being mentally healthy doesn’t mean that you don’t have emotions. It’s completely normal for us all to feel sad, frustrated or angry at times.

Mental health allows you to continue forward around the roadblocks that we all face from time to time. So what are you doing about mental health in your business?

The cost of ignoring mental health: Impact to your business

We already know that mental illness is costing Australian businesses billions of dollars each year. Just over half of this cost is through absenteeism. The remainder is presenteeism and work injury claims.

Furthermore, and surprisingly, work injury claims make up the smallest part at under 15%. Presenteeism is a problem that most business owners face.

When staff come to work not feeling well; they are generally less productive and can make themselves more unwell.

How can you reduce the cost to your business?

We have seen a large shift in businesses over the past 10 years toward wellbeing programs aimed to promote physical health. And this proactive approach has had a significant impact on work injury claims and the general health of workplaces. They say a healthy body starts with a healthy mind so awareness is key.
  • Don’t be afraid of the S word. Stress. We all face it at times and a little bit is good for us, a looming deadline can be a great motivator! It’s how you respond to stress that matters.
  • Empower your staff and reward their successes and let your staff show you what they are capable of.
  • Promote the social side of work: It’s is good for your health in general and your people are your most important resource. As a final tip, the more open you are about mental health and mental illness, the more open your staff will be.
If you are concerned about the growing cost to your business through mental illness, reach out to PeopleVision to learn how we can help you.

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