HR Management Consulting

Providing On-Demand HRM Support for your business

Looking for an experienced HR consultant?

PeopleVision have a team of HR and IR professionals with years of industry experience.

Whether you need expertise for a specific project or you have an immediate workplace issue, PeopleVision will work with you to deliver a solution.

PeopleVision consultants originate from HR Management roles in organisations and understand the complexities of workforce management and company culture, and how HR strategies, policy, programs and practices impact performance.

What PeopleVision are experienced in

HR Compliance & Audits

Limit your exposure to breaches of employment law and costs associated with getting it wrong.

Performance Management

Building high performance teams to stay competitive, be flexible and secure the future

Poor Performance & Misconduct Matters

Implementing legislative framework and best practice processes to address performacne problmes the right way

Organisational Development & Change Management

Introducing on trend HR strategies, organisational structures and effective HR processes and systems to build a success business

Talent Retention

Reduce employee turnover and associated costs by implementing retention strategies to build a happy, positive and productive workforce

Training and Coaching

Developing managers in a range of workplace disciplines to help them grow and develop as People Leaders.

Manage high risk situations to avoid claims and fines

You HR Partner will manage workplace investigations, underperformance, misconduct and grievances to limit the risk of claims and fines. Should a claim be made, representation will be provided.

Introduce HR Strategy focused on achieving business goals

Strategic HR advice will be provided to assist with continuous improvement and business growth. This could include key employee retention and development, cultural improvement and change management.

Imagine what your business could look like with your outsourced HR Partner working for you.

Having the time to work on your business should be considered a necessity not a luxury.

Let your HR Partner free up much of the time you spend on managing people and your workplace environment.

Have peace of mind you are meeting your employer obligations. 

With your HR Partner by your side and Employment Hero in place, you’ll have more time to focus on achieving your business goals. 

Save time and money
Increased compliance/ reduced risk
Latest technology in place
Access to HR advice on tap
Safe, happy, productive workplace
Peace of mind

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