Injury Management Training

Partner with PeopleVision for injury management training tailored to meet your specific needs

Let PeopleVision tackle your Injury Management Training

Injury management training is of no use if it isn’t tailored to meet the individual needs and experience levels of participants.

PeopleVision have experienced injury management trainers who can create a training package to benefit participants at all levels, from beginner to expert.

Once the training is over, you have the option of continued skill development in the form of mentoring services, that can be delivered on a more informal level.

Partnering with PeopleVision for injury management training is deal for…

Return to work coordinators who are looking to increase their skills and knowledge
Claims managers beginning their journey in self-insurance or with a Claims Agent
Experienced claims managers seeking to further upskill
Operational managers and supervisors who require an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the event of a work injury
Introducing best practice injury management into workplaces
Return to work coordinators, claims managers and workplace leaders who require ongoing mentoring for further skill development

PeopleVision are experts at injury management training and can tailor a program that meets your needs

1. Call PeopleVision

Call to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.

2. Meet with your consultant

PeopleVision will allocate a dedicated injury management trainer to help tailor the ideal training for your business.

3. Enjoy the Benefits

PeopleVision will not only deliver the desired training but can also offer ongoing mentoring services.

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