Payroll Partner

Partnering with you to create and manage a complete payroll system that is scalable, compliant and efficient

By outsourcing your payroll function with PeopleVision, your company payroll will be in the safe hands of a dedicated and experienced Payroll Partner, backed by a team of HR and legal experts.

Navigating payroll laws and following industry best practices can be challenging in today’s environment. Not meeting your payroll obligations can have serious consequences.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your payroll is completely taken care of and is fully compliant.

We keep on top of legislative changes, system updates, taxation, and superannuation compliance.

By combining the innovative payroll platform Keypay, with payroll processing and expertise, your Payroll Partner will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.

With an Outsourced Payroll Partner you can enjoy the following services…

Payroll Technology Implementation

By implementing ‘Keypay’ software your payroll service will be delivered efficiently and accurately every pay run, with 100% compliance.

Conduct a Payroll Audit to identify non-compliance

Your Payroll Partner will conduct an initial audit of your current payroll to ensure you are not at risk of any underpayment claims.

End to end payroll processing of employee salaries and wages

Your Payroll Partner will be responsible for your weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay run, with complete ownership of this critical function.

Delivering automation and workflow approval processes

Keypay technology provides a fully automated payroll experience. This includes applying for and approving leave, creating and communicating rosters, clocking time, completing timesheets and setting automated pay conditions from a library of pre-interpreted Awards.

Reporting to the ATO

Your Payroll Partner will meet all reporting requirements including Single Touch Payroll (STP), EOFY processes and submission of TFN declarations electronically to the ATO.

Superannuation Lodgements

Your Payroll Partner will lodge your monthly or quarterly super via a super clearing house.

Unlimited Advice and Support

Your payroll partner is backed by a team of HR experts, giving you the assurance you need in interpreting Modern Awards, pay rates and entitlement, terminations and redundancies.

Access to Payroll related reports

Keep yourself informed by accessing a full suite of payroll reports to assist you in managing employment costs, leave liabilities, comparison pay run and roster versus timesheet reports.

Imagine what your business could look like with your outsourced Payroll Partner working for you.

Having the time to work on your business should considered a necessity not a luxury.

Let your Payroll Partner free up much of the time you spend on managing the Payroll process.

With your Payroll Partner and Keypay technology in place, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Save time and money
Increased compliance/reduced risk
Latest technology in place
Access to Payroll advice on tap
Keep informed
Peace of mind

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