Have You Appointed a Return to Work Coordinator Who Resides in SA?

By law all  businesses operating in South Australia are required to appoint and retain a Return to Work Coordinator residing in South Australia, if they employ 30 or more workers.

This is a legal requirement under section 26 of the Return to Work Act (SA) 2014 and failure to comply may lead to prosecution and potential for a maximum penalty of $10,000.

What Are Your Choices If Currently You Do Not Comply?

Return To Work SA requires you to immediately appoint someone to undertake the Return to Work Coordinator role.

Here you have two choices:


Appoint an employee that resides in South Australia to undertake the role of a Return to Work Coordinator

Then organise for your Return to Work Coordinator to attend the required certification training within three months of appointment. 


Outsource the role of a Return to Work Coordinator

Based in Adelaide, PeopleVision was established in 2009, and comprises a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who specialise in workplace consulting services including return to work coordination, workers compensation claims and injury prevention.

Why Outsourcing Your RTW Services to PeopleVision Makes Sense.

Contact PeopleVision today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Together with PeopleVision, you’ll determine your best way forward in meeting the Return to Work Act (SA) requirements and avoid any penalties.

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