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PeopleVision are leaders in the management and continuous improvement of self-insurance performance.  When you partner with PeopleVision you receive a tailored, integrated and expert service to help you reduce risk, prevent injury and better manage your costs arising from workplace injury.

Whether your organisation aspires to become self-insured or has already achieved it, we assist you to achieve and maintain high level Work Health Safety and Injury Management performance in line with your strategic objectives.

We help to reduce costs and maximise productivity whilst providing exceptional care and support to your employees.


Our Self–Insurance Services

Enjoy our expert, integrated self-insurance services that can be tailored to help you better understand, manage or improve your self-insurance outcomes.

Receive support to help navigate the journey to becoming self-insured.
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Outsource claims management and return to work services to achieve reduced claims costs and increased productivity.
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Regular compliance audits to improve and  maintain effective WHS and IM systems.
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Our Awards
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Begin your self-insurance journey

Work with PeopleVision to help you achieve self-insurance.

Maintain your existing self-insurance systems

Let us support you in keeping your WHS and IM  systems compliant and effective.

Achieve maximum return from your self- insurance investment

Elevate your self-insurance to new levels, improving performance, risks and costs

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Working With PeopleVision

Receiving the help you need to manage your self-insurance is easy with the experienced professionals at PeopleVision.

1. Call PeopleVision

Call to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.

2. Meet with your consultant

Meet with your self-insurance expert to create the ideal solution for you.

3. Enjoy the Rewards

With the right solutions in place, you can enjoy maximum benefits from self-insurance.

Managing self-insurance can be challenging.
Some of the most common challenges include:

Not sure
where to start

Understanding complex legislation and the regulatory demands placed on self-insurers can be daunting.

No time
to allocate

Managing your obligations as a self-insurer can be time consuming with costly consequences associated with non-compliance.

Gaps in

Managing the complexities of managing injury claims requires specialised knowledge and expertise.

No way to keep moving forward

Achieving continuous improvement and effective WHS and injury management systems can be difficult to assess and maintain.


Who we've helped

Imagine how much easier self-insurance could be with help from experienced experts

Self-insurance comes with many potential benefits as well as additional obligations requiring time and expertise.

Let the experts at PeopleVision help your organisation maximise the benefits of self-insurance.

Reduction of claims costs
Full compliance
Maximum renewal periods
Continuous improvement of systems
Care and support to employees

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