We have seen every type of safety induction; the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember seeing that glazed over look on a person’s face when you talk about hazards, risk assessments and continuous improvement?

Then watched them play on their phones under the table for the entire induction? Or even fall asleep?

So how does your safety induction rank?

Safety inductions: What your staff say

Been to one safety induction; then it feels like you have been to them all.

But the truth is that no one looks forward to a safety induction, even the presenter can have the glazed over look!

We recently gathered some thoughts on generic safety inductions:

  • Boring, compliance based activity.
  • A requirement that adds no value to how I do my job.
  • 2 hours of my life that I won’t get back.

After considering the feedback, PeopleVision Director, Gina Nardone said “the time has come to revamp safety inductions. The challenge for businesses is how to make them stand out.”

Safety inductions: Standing out from the crowd

With some simple changes your induction can be memorable:

  • Harness the humour to educate. Funny pictures and videos of unsafe work practices are popular in inductions, but what are people learning from them?
  • Encourage discussions among the group. Sharing experiences, both good and bad, help engage your audience.
  • Use stories from both your work and personal life, where appropriate, to convey important messages. Stories stand out, processes don’t.
  • Make the induction relevant to the people in the room, consider their job and tailor your approach accordingly.

Following that, get rid of your PowerPoint presentation.

Talk to your participants and encourage open conversation; it’s the best way to learn.

Safety inductions: Work smarter, not harder

Creating an engaging and memorable safety induction doesn’t necessarily mean more work for you.

By encouraging participation in your induction, you are helping people to learn directly from each other rather than the traditional classroom style lecture.

Your induction needs to reach every single participant. Everyone learns differently and it’s the presenter’s role to adapt to each person.

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