WHS Audits

Identifying your WHS gaps as the first step towards creating a safer workplace

Outsourcing Your WHS Audit

We understand how overwhelming the whole subject of WHS can be and how difficult it can be to know just where to start.

And the longer you leave it the more worrying it becomes as the risks relating to non-compliance and its associated penalties, only become greater.

But don’t despair, your journey to a safer and compliant workplace starts here with a WHS Audit.

WHS Audit

Identify gaps

Your consultant will visit your business and work with you to create a WHS gap analysis

Create an action plan

You will also receive an action plan with steps required for ongoing improvement

Become legally compliant

In implementing the action plan steps, you will achieve full compliance in relation to WHS legislation and regulations

Create a safer workplace

Not only do you become legally compliant, but you also reduce the risk of accidents, creating a safer workplace

Your PeopleVision WHS Audit

You can rest assured that your WHS Audit covers all the key requirements under the current work health safety legislation and regulations. But if you desire, the scope can be broadened to also cover your obligations in relation to injury management and return to work as well as suggest opportunities for WHS systems improvement.
Roles and responsibilities
Plant safety
Emergency preparedness
Risk management
Hazard reporting
Incident investigation
Reporting and contractor management


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