With winter at the gates, it’s time to take stock and prepare for all the seasonal business risks in winter.

And, once again, we hear this winter is predicted to be late, long and wet.

But no matter when it arrives, there are some simple steps you can take to help minimise the risk to your business this winter.

The flu is one of the business risks in winter

The influenza virus affects approximately one in four people each year and takes the average person about two weeks to fully recover.

Imagine one quarter of your workplace being absent. Would that impact every part of your business?

Flu shots are an easy, inexpensive and effective way to immediately reduce absenteeism over winter.

In general, those vaccinated against the flu take half as my sick days as employees who aren’t.

Simple steps to prevent slips, trips and falls

One of the most common causes of injury is a slip on wet floor.

And while the risk is naturally higher in winter months, it is something that affects all industries.

There are simple steps that you can take to minimise the risks, these can often be identified during a routine safety audit:

As a further tip, umbrella wrappers are a great way to prevent water dripping throughout your office.

Winter-ready building inspections

Each year we face more weather extremes with flash floods, fires and cyclones a real threat in Australia.

Having a qualified building inspection before winter will allow you time to repair any areas that may be at risk of damage due to weather.

This is also a great time to review your building and contents insurance to ensure it accurately reflects the value of your business.

Is your air conditioner ready for you to turn up the heat?

Heating systems can work in overdrive during winter. Having your system serviced before winter begins not only helps the unit to work more efficiently, it can also increase the air quality and minimise employee illness.

To ensure you are prepared for winter and the unique challenges it brings, contact PeopleVision to talk about how we can help you maintain your productivity.