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Partner with PeopleVision for unlimited access to a HR/IR expert for the right workplace advice

By partnering with PeopleVision, you’ll have affordable access to your own, dedicated HR/IR specialist for ongoing workplace advice

Managing people in today’s environment is no easy matter. The complexities associated with employer / employee rights and obligations can be daunting.

The risks associated with non-compliance can have a major impact on a business, it’s employees and customers.

Our workplace advice partners are experienced HR/IR professionals which means they are able to provide you with effective, pragmatic and common-sense solutions to workplace issues.

With easy access to your workplace advice partner during office hours, Monday to Friday, you can have any employee relations and performance management issue resolved effectively and compliantly.

With an Outsourced Workplace Advice Partner you can receive help with…

Fair Work Act 2009 Interpretation

We help you unravel the Fair Work Act 2009 and National Employment Standards (NES) to ensure you meet your employer obligations.

Modern Award Interpretation

Our experts will provide you with minimum pay rates, entitlements and other provisions as per the relevant Award/s.

Managing a Workplace Issue

We will advise you in how to manage investigations, underperformance, grievances and misconduct issues, providing the tools and templates requried.

Termination and Redundancies

Your Workplace Advice Partner will assist you with exiting employees compliantly and will advise on your obligations as well as review any calculations of entitlements.

HR Contracts and Letters

Access the right employment contracts and letters to issue employees during the various stages of their employment via our extensive library of compliant templates.

Best Practice HR Policies

Access our library of up-to-date HR policy and procedure templates for you to tailor and implement.

Workplace Connect

When you sign up to Workplace Advice Partner, you can tap into other services and expertise at a discounted rate. This includes services such as legal, WHS, HR consulting and workplace claims.

Your Workplace Advice Partner can be accessed on a monthly subscription starting at just $195 per month.

Imagine what your business could look like with ongoing access to your Workplace Advice Partner.

Having access to the right workplace advice anytime you need it can ensure you handle any workplace issue effectively and with complete compliance.

The common-sense advice and solutions you’ll receive from your Workplace Advice Partner will minimize your exposure to risk and the negative impact it can have on your team and customers.

With your Workplace Advice Partner by your side, you’ll be able to act faster and stress less.

Save time and money
Increased compliance/reduced risk
Access workplace advice on tap
Local, dedicated support
Peace of mind

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