Your journey to a safer and complaint workplace starts with a Full Workplace Health Check:

As a business owner or manager, you are well aware of the many legal and compliance obligations that must be met. If you have the daunting challenge of ensuring your business has everything in place to meet your obligations, you may from time to time feel uneasy and concerned.

You have good reason to feel this way as there are significant penalties, some of which personally apply to Officers of the business, in not having effective and compliant systems to manage work health safety, return to work of injured employees and workforce management obligations.

If you are unsure you are meeting your obligations our Full Workplace Health Check is a good place to start.

Our consultant will attend your site and will work with you to undertake a thorough review of your workplace operations and documentation and provide you with a gap analysis, with a focus on your business unique risks.

The Full Workplace Health Check covers the key requirements under the work health safety legislation and regulations, return to work legislation and Fair Work Act.

This Health Check includes but is not limited to, roles and responsibilities, implementation of safe systems of work and risk management, return to work of injured employee arrangements and compliance with Fair Work and NES requirements.

Our consultant will discuss with you the findings of the Full Workplace Health Check and provide you with a report of your business compliance gaps along with an action plan and recommendations for improvement.

To find out more how you can make your workplace safer and compliant, please get in touch.