Your journey to a safer workplace with less incidents starts here, with our 101-point safety health check!

As a business owner you are, notably, an Officer of a PCBU under WHS legislation. And you will no doubt be aware of your legal obligation to keep your staff safe. In addition to contractors and visitors.

Especially relevant is the penalties for a breach of this obligation. In addition to hefty fines of up to $3M, you may face criminal penalties, including imprisonment.

If you are unsure that you are meeting your obligations, our 101-point safety health check is a great place to start.

Our safety consultant work with you to review your workplace operations. Next we will provide you with a gap analysis, with a focus on your business unique safety risks.

The 101-point safety health check covers the key requirements under the WHS legislation and regulations.

With specific focus on:

Finally our consultant will discuss their findings with you and provide a report of your business WHS safety gaps, an action plan and recommendations for improvement!

To find out more how you can make you workplace safer and compliant, please get in touch.