At PeopleVision, our injury management services span three main areas:

Workers Compensation

Whatever your injury management need, PeopleVision is here to help.

The team have extensive experience providing services with employers, regulators and insurers.

PeopleVision can assist you with practical solutions and expert advice to navigate work injury claims and reduce your premiums.

System development

PeopleVision can develop policies, procedures and processes to full injury management systems to meet your business needs. Our solutions, are tailored, practical and easy to implement.

Advisory services

Whether general or in response to a claim, PeopleVision provide you with the right advice when you need it. The team are technical experts in all matters work injury and take the time to understand and advise on your specific situation.

Onsite services

Our team is available to work onsite, alongside you, providing you with the right amount of support through return to work coordination, claims management, process improvement and implementation.

Self Insurance

PeopleVision are leaders in the understanding and management of self-insurance performance. We offer a range of services to existing self-insured employers, and those considering applying for self-insurance.

The highly skilled team provide expert service for all self-insurance needs.


With extensive experience undertaking injury management system and claim file audits, PeopleVision can help you prepare for regulator audits and be in the best position for longer renewal periods.

We adopt a strategic and detailed approach to audits and work with you to identify opportunities for improvement that make a real difference to your business.

Feasibility assessment

Considering the move to self-insurance PeopleVision can assist with a detailed feasibility study to identify to benefits and risks of self-insurance for your business.

We provide you with easy to understand information to ensure you make a fully informed decision that is best for you and your business.

Claims management

Whether it be on-call, short or long term placement, PeopleVision is here to help with your claims management needs.

As experts in self-insurance claims management, we provide advice to delegated authorities to achieve optimal return to work outcomes and reduce claims costs.

We understand the commercial impact of work injury claims and provide advice to reduce your risk.


We specialise in all types of injury management training, from one-on-one coaching to group delivery, PeopleVision provides you with the tools, knowledge and support to effectively provide injury management services.

Return to work coordinator

Return to work coordinators play an integral role in work injury claims management.

Providing the right support at the right time can significantly influence return to work rates and claims costs.

PeopleVision provides training for Coordinators to learn practical skills and tips to better influence claim outcomes and financial performance.

Claims management

With expert knowledge, PeopleVision provide training in claims management in both self-insured and registered claims environments.

We understand the complexities of work injury claims and deliver practical, tailored training to achieve best practice claims management.


With years of legal and technical experience, PeopleVision deliver training on all aspects of return to work legislation.

We understand the intricacies and what it may mean for your business and deliver this in a way that is easy to understand and drives change in business process to improve return to work outcomes and reduce claims costs.

Critical incident

Some businesses are at an increased risk of a critical incident, and it is important they be prepared.

PeopleVision deliver training on responding to threats of harm in the workplace, including self-harm, harm to others and bomb threats.