We are experts in helping employers become or remain self-insured.

Our team understands the importance to an employer of being self-insured and the benefits it provides a business financially and culturally.

Becoming self-insured

PeopleVision works closely with employers preparing to become self-insured. We can:

Maintaining your self-insurance registration

To assist an employer retain its self-insurance registration, the PeopleVision team can assist you with any of the following:

Achieving ongoing compliance improvement

A proactive employer will routinely monitor and review the performance of its work health safety and workers compensation systems.

If you are self-insured, the Regulator expects audits to be regularly performed.

We can do self-insurance compliance checks and audits to ensure that your meet the self-insured requirements.

Whether you are seeking to become self-insured or have already achieved it, we assist your business achieve and maintain high level WHS and injury management performance in line with your strategic objectives.